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By the time winter is over and spring is on its way, may people's resistance is down.  The normal strength and vigor of the body can be weakened by lack of exercise during the winter months.  Scaling with changeable springtime weather can also prevent a problem, no matter how carefully we prepare for each day.  Sometimes we aren't dressed warmly enough and at other times we find ourselves over-dressed for comfort.

Staying inside a great deal of the time and breathing stagnant air can present a great danger of developing an infection from others.  The results are often runny noses, coughing, and the general discomfort associated with the common "colds".  The way to beat this seasonal malady is to increase your general resistance and lower susceptibility.  Before the body is susceptible, life force must be shut off, and resistance is lowered in proportion to the degree in which life force is shut off.

Chiropractic is especially effective in increasing the body's resistance.  It recognizes and adequate nerve supply is the greatest importance in regulating the function of all tissues of the body.  By restoring the proper balance of body processes, that all too common cold loses its forces and more serious complications are avoided.  Chiropractic helps the body increase resistance and reduce susceptibility by adjusting misaligned vertebrae, thereby releasing the imprisoned life impulses brought on by misalignment. 

To help maintain good health in all seasons, see your chiropractor regularly and help keep your resistance to disease and infections at an all time high.



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